VM Fundamentals_Cimpa

Raising Value Management competencies in an ORGANISATION

CIMPA - VIDEO Value Management fundamentals

  • 1. CIMPA PLM Services 


    CIMPA offers PLM Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and services with the overall objective to increase operational efficiency and performance. With around 940 employees, CIMPA is represented across Europe and provides services worldwide.

    CIMPA operates on a worldwide basis in the aerospace and defense industry as well as automotive, energy and transportation.
    The service offering includes:

    1.Business Processes
    3.Solution integration
    4.Support and Training

    CIMPA is specialized in complex IS/IT products, processes and supports:

    1.Application consulting
    2.Configuration management
    3.Optimisation of project and programme management
    4.PDM implementation, integration & support
    5.PLM harmonisation projects
    6.Process optimisation
    7.Supplier collaboration
    8.Technical training & workshops

  • 2. The beginning 

    CIMPA PLM Services is already active in the fields of Cost Engineering. However, the demand for further cost efficiency and better value for money products and processes demands new methods and tools. Value Engineering / Value Management can serve this. CIMPA made contact to VMN - Valuemanager Ninaus and an internal VM1 Modul (Value Management EN12973) was given.  

  • 3. The inital result

    Mr. Ramesh Ganesan , Cost & Value Engineer at CIMPA PLM Services, states the outcomes as following:

    "Thank you so much for an amazing training we had on Value Management.We learned in detail on VM,value analysis basis,its benefits, Function Analysis, Functional cost analysis, brainstorming,idea evaluation and VM in administrative area.
    You made even the more complex topics interesting and easier to follow through the case studies. The course and all the materials are both comprehensive and informative.

  • 4. The Value Management Success Story at CIMPA PLM Services

    • By effectively implementing VM, CIMPA PLM Services creates sustainable value at project, product, process, organizational and social level.
    • By improving and sustaining a desirable balance between the needs and wants of stakeholders and the resources needed to satisfy them.
  • 5.  How CIMPA PLM Services raises awareness for Value Management

    CIMPA PLM Services has now trainers for Value Management for conducting internal VM seminars. To Do marketing for raising the awareness, a Video for Value Management fundamentals was generated using content of the VM1 courses of VMN Valuemanager Ninaus.

  • 6. Ongoing colaboration for Value Management

    CIMPA PLM Services is devoted to consequently use and improve Value Management in their organisation. The start of a long-term relationship is set.

    We are grateful and thankful in collaborating with Dr. Manfred Ninaus, VMN - VALUEMANAGER NINAUS and looking forward for an interesting further level of VM trainings and certification.