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Standardized calculation scheme with PCF based on top-down allocation & bottom-up calculation

CO2 Footprint Calculation:

  • 1. Horváth & Partner GmbH

    Horváth is an international management consultancy, renowned for its core competencies – transformation, performance management and digitalization. We lead companies and public organizations to sustainable success and long-term value creation. Our clients, from the executive to the expert level, appreciate our focus on efficiency and effectiveness as well as our trustful cooperation. Countless awards and customer evaluations prove our outstanding project results and high-level customer satisfaction.

  • 2. Top-down evaluation

    Company carbon footprint lays the foundation for Product Carbon Footprinting. Based on the Carbon Footprint a prioritization of areas with high emissions (materials, energy, disposal, etc.) is necessary.​

  • 3. Bottom-up calculation

    The emission data is determined from various sources such as life cycle assessments (LCAs) or different databases (GaBI, ProBas, GEMIS)​ and are included in the calculation software Siemens TcPCM.

  • 4. Holistic view on GHG

    The combination of top-down and bottom-up approach is needed to provide engineering and supply chain department (e.g. via a potential KPI dashboard) with the necessary information for sustainability.

  • 5. Product Carbon Footprint Calculation by Top-Down and Bottom-Up


  • 6. Ongoing colaboration for Value Management

    Horváth & Partner GmbH and VMN Valuemanager Ninaus GmbH are strenghtening the strategic collaboration to work together in the fields of Carbon footprint calculation and value management.

    We are grateful and thankful in collaborating with Dr. Manfred Ninaus, VMN - VALUEMANAGER NINAUS and looking forward for an interesting further level of VM trainings and certification.