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Valuemanagers Summit -- Learning to create future VALUE!

  • 1.Overview of the conference

    The Valuemanagers Summit is a knowledge sharing and networking event for Value Engineers, Value Creators and Value Managers.
    get in touch with other experts and have lots of interactions, lectures, examples, networking possibilities and direct one-onone meetings.

    Register here:

    Valuemanagers Summit 2021

  • 2. Schedule

    The event will run on Thursday 14 and October from 9:30-15h Paris, Vienna time.

    from 15 to 17:00 h there will be two keynots form the joined WUC conference.


    The Valuemanagers Summit is supported by national and international value engineering organisations and by individuals. Members from national and international bodies are encouraged to participate. 


    Here are the tickets:

    Valuemanagers Summit 2021 Tickets


  • 4. Hosting Orgnisation:

    The Valuemanagers Summit is organised by the SoV - Society of Valuemanagers, which is the Value Organisation for certified Trainings on the Value Management methodology.



    SoV Society of Valuemanagers

    More information find here:

    Society of Valuemanagers